Peter Ong's Background

Peter started as a scholar for the Public Service Commission
of Singapore. He is a qualified and experienced lecturer in

In the mid-1980's Peter moved into the IT industry and has
been supporting IBM mainframes for over 30 years. He started
in end-user programming in ADABAS/Natural and then moving
on to be a Systems Programmer and Database Administrator
for MVS, DB2 and IMS.

Peter has spoken at numerous user groups and technical
conferences in the ASEAN region as an end-user and in a
vendor role. He was in the first MVS SP course conducted in
the mid-1980's in Singapore under the CITREP program.

Peter has worked in both a technical and a sales role in all the
major third-party vendors in the IMS and DB2 area. He has
worked covering the ASEAN region extensively including
Korea and India and gone on numerous training trips to the
USA and Australia.

Peter discovered his talents in sales while working at one of
the major third-party software tools vendors. Currently Peter is
an IBM Certified Specialist in DB2 and owns and operates his
own consulting and services organization supporting the z/OS

Peter is a voracious reader of Christian Reformed books and loves to
listen to smooth jazz music. He is a General Aviation Pilot (and an aspiring flight instructor). For exercise he practices chinese martial arts.

Since 2010 IBM has awarded Peter the IBM Information Champion Title.



About Peter Ong - Founder

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